Prototyping: 3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource

The idea of outsourcing prototyping in its entirety to a third-party can be a scary thing to a business leader. Often times, it can seem like giving up your brain-child to a complete stranger.

Prototyping entails running experiments, mostly small ones, to see whether your ideas are valid, recreate the experiences the idea is supposed to stimulate and test the preconceived assumptions regarding the idea.

This process ultimately determines if the idea is good enough to be scaled up. There are several reasons why it is better to trust a third party with product prototyping solutions than doing it in-house.

New insights into the idea

An outside party would be in the best position to notice the idea’s design flaws as well as the strengths that make it stand out from anything else already in the market. Time and again entrepreneurs make many assumptions when trying to create new products.

Often they ask invalid questions and undertake invalid tests. Consequently, the idea passes the concept stage because the process had flaws that no one could see. A third party will come in with a new set of eyes, new testing methods and a different checklist.

Asking the right questions and finding the right answers to those questions will strengthen your idea and increase the probability that the product that will come out of this process will solve an existing problem in the market.

Cost efficiency

It is quite common for business owners, especially startup entrepreneurs to spend most of the available resources pursuing one aspect of a business idea.

By the time they realize that there are many other aspects that need a cash infusion, there is little money left to do anything more. As a result, the entrepreneur has no choice than to halt the whole process.

Many business ideas die at this stage when the financial wells of the business dry out before the idea could be could be tried and tested. Outsourcing prototyping to a product development company ensures that your limited company resources are spent in the most prudent ways possible.

Through their incredible expertise and experience, product development companies can run dozens of tests to determine how many of your hypotheses stand true.

Eliminate bureaucracy and speed up product development

Entrepreneurs can all agree that when product development takes too long, innovation is the first casualty.

Yet, many business ideas take long before being developed into products because of the bureaucracy that every idea is subjected to.

A third party would not be stopped or delayed by internal company bureaucracy. Therefore, an outsourced prototyping project moves faster, from design to building and all the way to the testing phase.

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